Top USB Mics for Rapping

Audio recording can be very expensive because of the wide variety of equipment you need. You also need to learn many skills in order to get the results you want. Recording a rap song is no different to recording other types of music. The first thing you need is the correct setting, after which you need to have the right equipment.

In order for you to get the best mic for rapping, using a USB mic isn’t the best option, but if you are just starting out and working on a tight budget, it becomes your best bet. It is also suitable if you are always on the move and you want to have your rap vocals quickly recorded. Don’t get it wrong, using a USB mic is not nearly as bad as recording using the phone, because technology has improved and these mics give you perfect output, albeit with less gear.

The best thing about these mics is that they are plug and play. Most of the mics will even plug into your smartphone as well, giving you extreme mobility. You don’t need additional expensive equipment for these to work. There are so many mics to choose from, let’s look at some of my favorite mics.


RODE is famous for its video and camera mics, but it has grown bigger, releasing newer technology for the audio market. One of the innovative mics is the RODE NT-USB, a mic that is ideal for recording rapping vocals.  The mic comes with impressive features including a gain knob that allows you to control the input signal. It also comes with a headphone jack so that you can plug in a headphone directly into the microphone for effortless monitoring. This is an awesome addition that allows you to listen to the recording real-time.

You can make use of additional accessories to make the mic better. It is compatible with the pop filter that is necessary for cutting out plosives that might sound harsh. You can also get a tripod stand so that you can place the mic on a flat surface and record.

Apart from the stand and the gain control knob, the mic also comes with a USB cable and a storage pouch.

This mic works on both mac and windows computers and is compatible with a wide variety of recording software including Audacity, Ableton, GarageBand and FL Studio. If you are running on an IOS platform, you can run the mic on its app that makes it easy to edit and record music on the app.

Audio-Technica AT2020 USB+

This mic also comes with a built-in headphone jack and a knob to modify the gain control easily. You can use the mic to add pre-recorded audio to your recording, making it easy for you to implement vocal doubling. The best thing about this mic is that you get minimum background noise, making the mic ideal for recording in situations that aren’t so perfect.

Apogee MiC

With this mic, you get to choose between two versions depending on the platform: the Apogee MiC for iPad, iPhone and Mac and the MiC for Mac and Windows. The latter is cheaper if you seek a mic for recording on Mac as compared to the second option. This mic might look simple, but it comes with a wide range of features making it an ideal tool for recording great sound. You also save on buying an audio interface because it comes already incorporated.

Blue Snowball iCE

Blue mics have a characteristic design and sound great during a performance. If you want a signature mic that stands out and delivers as well, this is the mic to go for. This mic reminds you of retro, though the features are nothing retro at all. Apart from recording audio, you can also use this mic for streaming.

It comes in two colors – white or black, giving you a chance to make the perfect choice depending on your preferences. The mic is clear and crisp, ideal if you are looking for a highly-detailed audio recording. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, this mic is ideal for recording various applications.

Shure PG-27

Shure is a quality brand that has produced some of the most popular and high-performance mics in the world. Being an industry-standard mic, you can’t go wrong having one with you. If you are looking for a USB mic, then the Shure PG-27 will give you the features you need. It offers a flat, wide frequency response complete with gain control features and a headphone jack for monitoring.

This mic is compatible with Windows and Mac; unfortunately, you can’t use it on the iPhone or the iPad. It is great and works well with anyone who is starting out with audio recording. You can also use it as an instrument mic.

Samson Go Mic and Samson C01U

Samson has come up with a wide variety of high-quality mics that are affordable and offer great sound quality. This company offers several USB mics to choose from. The first is the Samson Go Mic, which is ideal if you wish to record rap vocals on a budget yet you want a flawless output. Use this mic for a wide range of applications including podcasting, instrument recording, singing, and rapping. The mic is small and compact, coming with a clip that you can attach to your laptop allowing you to record without the need for a stand.

The Samson C01U is another great microphone from this manufacturer. It is ideal for vocals, instruments, rapping and recording podcasts. The mic is very versatile and comes with free recording software. This mic is ideal for beginners who are just getting into the recording business.

Before You Buy

Before you go ahead and purchase a USB mic for rapping, consider the following factors to get the best bargain:

  • Know how much you want to spend. Let’s face it; if you need a high-performance setup, you have to spend some extra dollars not only on the mic but on accessories as well.
  • The type of mics to buy. Condenser vs dynamic, which one should you, choose? The answer lies in what you are looking for and the budget you have set aside. Visit to read more about dynamic and condenser USB mics.
  • Accessories: you might need accessories and additional gear to have the perfect setup for your recording session. Some studio headphones, mic stand, and other accessories might form the perfect setup.


Anyone who is starting audio recording for rap music will do wonders with these USB mics. If you are looking to produce high-quality music you need to spend some more on the tools. These are some excellent options that will not only give you great sound but will also make it easy to record attention-grabbing audio on a budget.