It’s Time to Put a Case on Your Smartphone

If you are a cheapskate (you know if you are) and you still don’t have a case for your smartphone, then why are you waiting for something bad to happen? Maybe you think you are invincible and are above everyone else, and think you don’t need one. If this is your thinking, you are about to find out why even for the “almighty you”, you need to put a case on your phone.

To Protect Your Smartphone

What do you say, let’s just get the most obvious reason right out of the way? It’s essential for you to do everything in your power to protect your smartphone. After all, you are the one who paid hundreds of dollars for it. Also, some newer models have adopted a higher screen-to-bezel aspect ratio. No joke, some phones have over 90 percent of their face as the screen (and some have a glass design). While this adds clarity and screen size, it also makes them less durable. If you happen to drop one of these phones (without a case) from any significant distance, they will probably shatter.

You Get a Better Grip

Alright, so now let’s dive into some of the reasons you may have overlooked. First up, adding a case to your phone will give you a better grip. This is dependent on what smartphone you currently possess, but some (such as the 90 percent screen size versions) can be very slippery. When using a smartphone like this (without a case) they can be very annoying to handle and can easily be dropped.

They Can Protect Your Phone from Scratches and Fingerprints

So, maybe you are still under the assumption that you will never drop your phone. To end your cocky mindset, how about the scratches that get on the screen of your phone? Even if you never drop your phone, scratches can become present. Simply storing your phone in your pocket can cause scratches as the screen is exposed. However, depending on the type of case you get, some will make your screen shatterproof and scratch-resistant. Even if you don’t care about scratches, some will prevent fingerprints from appearing on the screen. It’s fair to assume that you simply don’t care how your smartphone looks (as long as it remains functional), though. Maybe the next reason will finally knock some sense into you.

They Become Your Insurance

Buying insurance for every little thing can not only be a pain but also expensive. In the case where you decided to forego insurance on your phone, there is another solution. Of course, this is referring to a smartphone case. Due to the protection they provide (which was already alluded to) they can end up saving you money for a new phone. If you don’t have a warranty on your phone, do you really want to pay full price again? It just seems nonsensical to take the risk of paying this kind of money, again.

To Add Style

Alright, so saving money and protecting your phone has been shoved down your throat. How about a good way to add style to your phone? If you look hard enough, you can probably find any case design you can think of. For instance, you could find one of your favorite sports team or video game character. With the power of 3D printing, you could also have one custom made to suit your liking. Chances are, your smartphone is your best friend so you might as well make it as stylish as possible.

It’s time for you to quick making excuses and invest in a case for your smartphone. Seriously, there are no benefits to having a naked phone. Why risk smashing your phone, buying another phone or scratching up your phone? If you finally are convinced, then it would be a smart idea for you to check out Here, you will find reviews (and other buying information) of the best cases on the market.