Solvent ink is a solution for industrial applications

Every industry has businesses that have ink and printing requirements. There are many printing applications and substrates, therefore, it is important to consider the correct type of ink and printer to use specifically for your needs.

The two most common types of industrial inkjet printers are known as ‘continuous inkjet’ and ‘drop on demand’.

Each printer manufacturer will produce its own ink specifically for that printing system. This is known as OEM.

Suitable inks for industrial use

OEM printers stand for an original equipment manufacturer. In regards to ink and printing, OEM ink is made by the original printer manufacturer. These are manufactured to a high level which provides precision, durability, and quality. The manufacturers state that OEM ink is the best solution in proving high-quality prints. Although OEM ink costs more compared to other alternatives it offers high performance and quality. Solvent ink is a forerunner in the industrial printing market and thus suitable for industrial printing systems.

What is solvent ink?

Ink is made up of different components. Solvent inks are dye based and contain a mixture of solvents. They are not water-based. Solvent-based inks allow you to print on a much wider range of substrates than water-based dye or pigment inks.

Can be applied to a variety of substrates

It can be applied on a wide range of uncoated or coated substrates. For example, rubber, cardboard, paper and metal. Industrial inks are also used for printing on plastic cards, films, porous and non-porous substrates. This makes it an ideal choice for most industries.

Used in across various industries

These industrial solvent inks are utilized for marking in many applications. They are ideal for use in packaging industries and also automobile, electronics and medical industries.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to using solvent-based ink for industrial applications. Below is a list of the main benefits of using solvent ink as a solution for industrial use.

A Cost-effective choice

Ink is the most expensive consumable you buy for printing. Solvent inks on average cost over 50% less than water-based ink. This offers huge savings on ink expenditure.

Long lasting

Being fade resistant, waterproof, UV and scratch resistant make solvent ink a durable choice. This ink is built to last making it popular for outdoor applications. It can last for years under harsh demanding outdoor conditions. It is designed for everyday long-term use.

Time efficient

These inks have fast drying times. Therefore these printing systems are ideal for fast moving production lines. They are used in quick-drying applications.

No coating is required

Most inks require a varnish or coating to protect the ink.  A big advantage of using solvent inks is that no top coating is necessary. This means that a step in the production process is eliminated thus saving time.

If you would like to find out more information on ideal OEM inks suitable for printing then you can read . Needham has inks that are specially formulated to work with a range of OEM printers. These inks have high durability for both indoor and outdoor use. Therefore they can be applied to a variety of substrates and provide high quality.