Planning Your Dream Wedding

Planning Your Dream Wedding

First, congratulations on meeting the love of your life and may you both live happily ever after. Whether you were the one that said “yes” or the one that popped the question, now there’s planning to do. Communication, in this case, like it will be for everything going forward, is key. Let your imaginations run wild, but let’s start with a promise to be rational.

Organization is your best friend

The wedding binder is the organizational go-to and for good reason. You will both be busy with your normal lives and now planning your big day. So, while you’re planning, purchasing and making decisions, document everything. When making your binder, your life can be made easier by using tabs to divide sections. Side notes – leave areas specifically for things set in stone, things you’re on the fence about and definitely have a section for receipts.

Time to start making decisions

Once you know there’s a space for all your ideas to go start your checklist. You’ll be glad you have that binder because unless you have a crystal clear image of what you want, you may be overwhelmed with options. Here are some key things to focus on.

  • The engagement, bachelor and bachelorette parties if they’re to happen
  • The members of the wedding party
  • Attire for yourself, your significant other and the wedding party
  • Family and friends on the guest list
  • Invitations
  • Accommodation and transportation options for party and guests
  • Where and when your wedding will take place
  • Catering and entertainment
  • Wedding rehearsal and music
  • Your speeches, guest speeches, and religious readings
  • Photographer and videographer
  • All things legal
  • The honeymoon

This list truly goes on nearly forever

Things to take into consideration

When making decisions on the above, two easy things but important things to keep in mind are your budget and the season. The concept of a budget is simple enough to grasp, but the season can be a bit more daunting.

Does the area you plan to wed have four seasons? How do these seasons affect travel and accommodation costs for your guest? Do the specific flowers you want grow in that season? Are you competing with other couples for your desired venues due to better weather? What’s the climate like where you plan to honeymoon? All are relevant and definitely worth consideration.

When getting together your budget, keep in mind the number of guests you plan to invite. This affects the necessary venue space as well as catering, travel and guest gift costs. Your binder, is once again your best friend so break out the budgeting section of that binder and make unshakable choices on what you are and are not willing to spend on specific parts of your big day.

A minor detail that gets overlooked is the setup and breakdown before and after the wedding. While this isn’t an issue for people who pay for a venue that provides this, some people have more of a DIY spirit. When planning, keep in mind the time it will take to set up tables, chairs, decoration, flowers as well as arrangements needed for music and alcohol. After the wedding should be a bit easier and less time consuming (with sober friends to help.)

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Most importantly enjoy the day

After all the planning and stress the day finally arrives. You’ll be surrounded by your loved ones and on the way to be united forever with the one you love. Remember to enjoy the moment. Everything may not go perfectly, but it doesn’t need to. Chances are the guest won’t mind as they’ll be happy to see you happy (and they’ll probably be a little drunk.) So, laugh dance and enjoy the day because after all the planning to make it happen, you both deserve it.