Instagram Verification Scams: What You Need to Know

The need to become a verified member of Instagram has made many people lose their hard earned money. The allure of the verification mark on Instagram is only possible if you do the right things, but some scammers are making a killing out of this, making sure that they convince you to pay for a service that is nonexistent.

Why Does Verification matter So Much?

In the past, all you did was to apply to Instagram to get verified, but this is not an option anymore on the platform. Instead, the algorithm has changed and what you get now is a tough task to get the verification badge.

There isn’t an official system when it comes to being verified on Instagram. It can take a few weeks, or even a year to get that verification badge on the platform.

Why are the scammers making money from clueless users? Well, this is because Instagram verification comes with a few perks that you need to be aware of. First, when you are verified, you show that your brand is valuable to the masses. This helps you build your brand much better.

Having a verified account also keeps the impersonators away. Your users can easily connect to you the way you want them to, and this means that they don’t have to lose money to people that are pretending to be you.

When you get verified on Instagram, you gain the appeal that might make you get verified on other sites as well.

Being verified seems so superficial, but when it comes to building connections with other brands and people, the blue checkmark makes it easier.

How Does the Scam Happen?

The verification scams are widespread, and many people have fallen for the sweet-talking scammers. Many of the scammers come into your inbox, or they come up with websites that dupe you into believing that you can get verified so easily.

The scammer gives you a deal that you might not want to forego and even tells you how it is only for a limited period. When you decide to pay for the service, you find that there is no guarantee, and you end up losing your money. Since you took the high road as opposed to following procedures, you cannot report the issue to Instagram because the person doesn’t work for the company.

You end up losing your money without gaining the blue tick at all.

How It Starts

The process is simple; the scammer identifies your brand account and sends you a direct message telling you that they can verify your account within the shortest period possible. Since you are in need of verification, you go ahead and ask about the price, and what they tell you is ridiculous, and cheap. The scammer convinces you, and you end up paying for the service only to lose money in the process.

After you pay, you wait for verification only to realize that the scammer closed the account the moment you paid.

Other services promise to give you so many followers to help you get verified. Since the number of followers doesn’t make you verified, you end up with a ton of followers without any verification. Check out The Small Business Blog for an example. These fake followers not only make it tough for you to get verified, but they also put your account at risk.

The Bottom-line

With many verification scams on Instagram, you need to know how to avoid them. People are losing millions to these scammers just because they want the easy toad to verification. Don’t fall victim to the scams, because verification doesn’t come as easily as you think!