Instagram Marketing for Users Between 13 and 24 Years

Instagram plays a critical role in marketing to a special age-group – 13 years to 24 year olds. Therefore, if you are a marketer who relies from sales from this particular group of people, you need to understand why and how they access this platform.

Visual content has taken over, and it dominates our lives today. Digital media has taken a step from being overly textual to being visual; this is why Instagram has grown rapidly over the past few years. People don’t want to go through text every time; they want to check everything out visually, which makes it more appealing.

The Role of Instagram in This Age Group

Young people visit this platform to get an inspiration in their lives. They seek what’s new, what is coming up next and what their peers are doing. Because Instagram is all about the moment, the use of videos and images makes it the right platform for this group of people to engage on. If you are marketing to this group, then having the right platform gives you an instant connection to the community.

Among the most active users on Instagram is this age group. They come to the platform both day and night looking for something that you MUST offer in order to appeal to their young minds.

Research shows that as much as the major aim of this age group is to connect with people they know, they also came to find a sense of community. Engaging them and making them relate to what you offer is the first part of making them belong.

When Do They Use Instagram?

It is very possible that this age group uses this platform right before going to sleep, while a bigger percentage also uses the platform when they wake up. Those that use the platform in the morning are looking to see what they missed at night.

A study also shows that this group interacts with brands on a regular basis, whether by looking at photos, liking the content, following accounts or redirecting to a website after discovering content that they like. This means that this group represents a niche that will follow and engage you when they find that the account you run is visually stunning and authentic.

What You Need to Do

Experts recommend that as a brand you need to engage teenagers and young adults by giving them an organic experience that emphasizes on design and quality. The images and videos you give ought to be artfully presented and thoughtful. Most of these young minds identify the platform with genuine information, entertainment, timely updates and more.

To make the engagement meaningful, you need to be there all the time to handle the young minds. You can’t do this manually, which is advisable to use a tool for the task. Check out to get a tool that will make it easier to market to the eager minds.

In Closing

One of the most active groups on Instagram falls between the ages of 13 and 24 years. Engage them the right way to get a committed group.