Finding the Singer in the Musician

One of my best friends from high school had recently moved back to town to audition for the local club that was opening up. It was not like your regular clubs where people were dancing and conversating throughout, but more like a casino club where blackjack and regular poker went hand in hand with an ice cold beer and great music. Sarah, my friend, was extremely gifted on the guitar, but refused to let anyone hear her play growing up.

Over time I suppose she lost that fear of playing front of other people, and grew a love for the stage and wanting to perform. She had dropped out of college just to move back to her home town for the audition, against her parent’s wishes of course. As a really good friend, I wanted to be very supportive of her decision. She was grown and going to make them regardless of whether anyone approved. It was best to be supportive and be there to help her instead of creating an even bumpier path for her by not supporting her.

Getting Rid of Betsy

Sarah had come to love her very first guitar and used to take it everywhere with her. Over the years, even though she kept it in great shape, it began to show its age. She was not pleased with the audition being right around the corner so she asked me to help her find a new guitar for her audition. I suggested that she go ahead and find it today, because the sooner she was able to practice on it the more comfortable she would be playing it in front of someone else.

It took her a few minutes to decide what she would do with her old guitar, but she finally looked at me and told me that she would like my son, her godson, to have it. It brought tear to my eye because I watched her grow and learn on this same guitar and I knew it held a piece of her heart. My nine year old son also cried when she gave it to him. He had not been into music that much, mostly sports, but it seemed like he would play that guitar every night before going to bed, just to hear the strings strum.

It was time to replace her old guitar, especially now that she had given it away. We spent hours searching through the music stores in our town and in the next town over, but nothing seemed to be clicking with what she wanted. One of the music stores had a business card sitting on the counter upon checkout. It gave the address to a website that hosted reviews of different types of guitars. This was exactly what we needed, a firsthand look and review source of guitars. TheInstrumentReviewer was a great resource for us to find the perfect guitar for Sarah’s audition. She didn’t want something that was old and beat up, like her old Gibson.

The Audition

Sarah had finally made a decision about three days before her big audition. She claimed that was enough time to completely learn the guitar and feel comfortable with it, but to me she was cutting it really close. I didn’t see Sarah for a few days before the audition and I figured it was because she was practicing on her new guitar. She called me the day of the audition to see if I would be there and I assured her I’d be in the very front row cheering her own with every song.

The night came quickly and I didn’t hear or see Sarah again until she got on stage. She looked nervous and I’m sure I looked nervous for her. I made sure to cross my fingers and toes just in case, I didn’t think she needed any luck because she had talent, but the new guitar had me concerned. They announced her over the loud speaker and she greeted everyone with a hearty hello and began to strum a few cords. It took her about thirty seconds to really get the feel of the room, because she lit up and so did everyone else. They were amazed at how this small, fragile looking girl, could belt out some of the most sensational tunes and even play the guitar to back it up!