DIY projects

DIY Projects Are Easier with the Right Tools


I once saw a beautiful, framed pegboard. It had craft items organized so neatly on it. I’ve never felt organization envy like that before, but in that moment all I could think was that I needed that exact pegboard.

Best of all, everything fit in the small space. I wanted to replicate that same project because I had so many craft items that needed to be decluttered and organized.

You see, my craft room is quite small, yet everything is strewn everywhere, which makes it look even worse. Since I don’t have the items in their correct homes, I’m constantly searching for items. I just know that if I could have my crafty items organized I wouldn’t feel so frustrated and stressed when looking at that area.

When I showed the pegboard to my husband, he told me he could build that for me. We had almost all the materials already, except for the sawblade.

His miter saw was a few years old. When we moved into our current home, he’d assembled and built so many things for the house and garden. It was time for a replacement.

With so many different options available, we checked out reviews and sites for more information. Saw Blades Only provided us with what we needed. Check it out for any kind of saw you have. I also liked that the site talked about maintenance, the different types of blades out there, and how to choose the right one for you.

Once my husband decided on the blade to buy, he gathered the rest of the materials. A few hours later he finished and asked me to inspect it.

The framed pegboard looked wonderful. Once I approved his work, he installed it on a wall in my craft room. I hadn’t even added anything to it, yet already my room looked so much better. I couldn’t wait to put my items up there.

First, I looked at the items I had that were the hardest to find. Another way I approached it was checking which items I didn’t use because they were either too cumbersome or I didn’t enjoy them.

I grouped like items together in mason jars, used wire baskets with pegboard hooks to corral my paints and adhesives, and strung ribbon on a dowel before hanging up the dowel on the pegboard. I also used hooks to hang up the various types of scissors and threads.

I even found a shelf that fit onto the pegboard, and I used that to store my bolts of fabric. Now all my tiny items, such as buttons, pins, and scraps were easy to find and within reach.

Once everything was done, I couldn’t help but marvel at how everything could fit on such a small board. My craft room actually looked a bit empty, which was a sign that I needed to go shopping.

When I joked about this with my husband, his expression made me laugh. He isn’t exactly a fan of accompanying me on my crafty shopping trips. He thinks I have enough of everything, but he never complains when I drag him along to push the cart or hold my items.

After I had used the pegboard for a few days, I asked my husband to build some more items for me. Once my craft room started looking better, I couldn’t just leave it like that. Now the walls and all the other spaces needed an updated look. I wanted something that was functional but it also had to feed into my creative side.

That sweet man built some shelves with hooks for my other knickknacks. This was perfect for the fragile ceramic pieces and some of the pattern books, and the hooks were handy for hats and such. My husband had really outdone himself with the straining and using different hooks to change up the look.

Of course, I couldn’t update the room without changing the cushions and upholstery. I added a few mirrors and changed out the fabrics. Simply doing this and adding different textures caused the room space to open up.

When I was done, my husband actually complimented the look and feel of the room. I couldn’t have done it without him.