What Consider Before Buying a Lawn Mower

A lawn is a huge part of the ambiance and aesthetics of a home. It requires proper maintenance to make sure its beauty remains. Mowing grass is one of the main lawn maintenance tasks. To do this job properly, your home needs the right type of lawn mower. Since there are numerous varieties of lawn mowers out there, the following piece will help you know your options when you decide to get a brand new lawn mower for your home.

Understand the various kinds of lawn mowers

It’s important to first familiarize yourself with the various types of mowers to know their pros and cons. There are 4 basic varieties.

Reel mowers

Technically, these are the only lawn mowers that can be categorized as push mowers. There’s one simple reason for this: you’re the engine (you do all the spade work). The secret to using this kind of mower is to walk fairly fast. This ensures that the blades spin faster and it provides a good, smooth cut for your lawn. These mowers are an amazing environmentally-friendly option for flat, small yards.

Battery and electric-powered lawn mowers

These are useful for trimming small yards nicely. They have less horsepower than gas mowers, but they do a nice job provided that your grass turf isn’t too thick. But they do have some drawbacks. Electric mowers come with power cords that may keep you tethered, making it hard to move around shrubs as well as other yard ornaments. As for battery-powered mowers, when the battery is finished, you must sufficiently recharge it before resuming mowing.

Self-propelled mowers

Basically, these lawn mowers do the entire job for you. They’ll pull you along as they mow your grass and are perfect for large lawns. They’re often more costly, so if you can’t afford one, go for a different option. Visit Lawn Mower Lane for reviews and buying guides for lawn mowers.

Gas-powered mowers

These lawn mowers are effective at mowing turf as gas engines produce plenty of horsepower. Thicker lawns and tall weeds aren’t an issue with gas-powered mowers. Be ready to sweat, though. These mowers weigh considerably more than electric models.

Most of these types of lawn mowers offer add-ons and variations to make lawn care more convenient. Some models have mulching abilities; there are bag-fill and standard side-discharge options; new models have a clean-out feature on the deck; and several varieties allow variable height adjustment. What really matters is what’s comfortable for you, your budget, and the amount of effort you’re willing to put in.

Consider your lawn’s size

Your lawn’s size directly determines the type and size of mower you’ll buy. These are mowers for large, medium, and small lawns. For large lawns, good options include large gas-powered lawn mowers like riding mowers and zero turn mowers. For medium-sized lawns, self-propelled or push mowers are great choices. For small lawns, a cordless or electric, or push reel mower would do. Professionals recommend anything more than ½ an acre use a riding mower.

Consider the type of cut quality you want

Do you want your grass cut short, cut at a decent height, or have a nice finish? Do you want your clippings mulched, discharged, or bagged? Are there large slopes on your yard? Based on this, you need to find a lawn mower with some features like:

Sharp, durable blades to produce a clean-cut finish

A package with accessories like the discharge chute and bagging apparatus

Adjustable decks to provide a different height, according to your preferred grass height

Features like all-wheel drive and wheel width to help with slope issues

Know your limits

You need to consider this as testosterone may affect your decision-making. Most guys find it hard to admit that they’ve got limits. However, you need to know your limits when it comes to lawn care. If you have an issue with physical exertion, then your best option may be a self-propelled lawn mower. It will let you save energy for your favorite activities. Consider your limits before you purchase a mower.

What’s the price range?

Perhaps this is the most decisive factor and where many people decide to begin their research. Find out which kind of mower fits your budget and narrow down your search from there.

What accessories does the lawn mower come with?

Always check what accessories the seller is giving alongside the lawn mower. Accessories like lubricants, protective wear, battery charging kits, and grass collection bags can be a huge added bonus and one reason to choose one seller over another.