Choosing the right crate for your dog

You have made the decision to get a crate for your dog, now you need to figure out what type of crate to buy and how big it should be. These are typical questions and queries among dog owners when buying crates.

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Some of the benefits of crates for your pooch

A crate will provide safety for your dog when you cannot supervise them. It can also be used to aid house training. This is because dogs have a natural instinct to keep the place where they sleep clean. They will think of the crate as their den, learn to control their bladder and go to the toilet outside. They are useful tools to make traveling a lot safer and less stressful for both the dog and the driver. This is because a dog that is free to move around in a car can be a distraction to the driver and can cause an accident. 

The different types of dog crate

There are different types of crates to choose from. Some are not aesthetically pleasing but there are more stylish choices available. There are 5 standard types of crates to choose from:

  • Wire dog crate.
  • Plastic dog crate.
  • Soft-Sided dog crate.
  • Heavy-duty dog crate.
  • Fashion dog crate

How to choose the right size for your pooch

When buying a crate you need to make sure you purchase the right size so it can fit its purpose. It must not be too small to make the dog cramped and uncomfortable. Pick one big enough to allow your dog room to move around. The dog needs to be able to sit upright without hitting his head on the roof, turn around in the crate with ease and lay down stretched out without feeling cramped. 

Do not pick one that is too big

Be careful not to get a crate that is too big. If the dog has too much space it will use half of the crate as a bedroom and half as a bathroom.   

I have a puppy will I need to buy a new crate it grows?

Of course, puppies are a lot smaller than adult dogs. It would not be feasible to keep buying new crates as your dog grows. This would be a huge expense. However, there is a solution to this issue. It is possible to buy just one crate for your dog’s entire life. Purchase a crate big enough for when it becomes an adult dog. This size will vary from breed to breed but with research, you can find an approximate size. 

Dividers are a cost-effective solution

The solution is to buy or make a divider in order to make the crate size suitable for the puppy. These dividers are temporarily removable panels that you insert to adjust the size of the crate. With this solution, you will only need to buy a single crate and can increase the size of the crate as the puppy grows up.