Choosing a Suitable Oriental Rug for Your Room

An oriental rug adds a distinct appeal to any living space. The pleasant colors and unique design add the missing touch. With so many designs available, choosing the perfect rug can be quite a huge task. The deciding factors include the existing space and room décor, quality, your budget, the flooring type, just to name a few. Choosing an oriental rug is a vital decision that needs careful planning.

The Flooring

You can use the Oriental rug on any flooring type including tiles and marble, but the best floor to use is hardwood. Well, a well-varnished hardwood floor is ideal for any room in the house, but adding an oriental rug gives the room some much-needed contrast. The natural tones of the hardwood floor bring out the colors in any oriental rug. In addition, the rug adds protection to the floor and protects it from scratches and scarring.

To choose the best color for the hardwood floor, make sure you consider the color of the floor. A darker tone requires a lighter oriental rug, the opposite is true.

Room Décor

Your wall color, furniture paint, upholstery, and curtains are crucial in determining the color of the rug. Determining the dominant color gives you an idea of what color to choose. Always try to match with the secondary dominant color. Don’t forget to keep in mind the color of the flooring when making the decision.

Sizing, Price and Quality

These are huge factors when choosing the rug for your room. Although always not cheap, these rugs give you full value for your money. Choose the size depending on the floor area. You might choose to have one large rug covering a larger part of the floor, or have several small rugs to place under each piece of furniture.

The quality and pricing depend on your budget and your needs. Remember, the lower the quality the more you will spend on maintenance. You might end up replacing such rugs sooner than expected. Additionally, in home decorating, less is more, so you might not need the bigger rug. Depending on the budget, you might choose to downsize yet maintain a high quality.

The quality also determines the maintenance needs of the rug. The most common ways to keep the rug clean is by using vacuum cleaning. The fibers in the rug are delicate and the designs intricate. Choose a vacuum that is meant for this type of fiber. Check out these top 12 vacuums for carpeted floors to get an idea of what to choose.

The Style

Oriental means the rugs that are produced from Asia. The style points to the origin of the rug. Most of these rugs come from Persia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, morocco, Tibet, turkey and a host of other countries. Each country has its own distinct design and quality.

Final Tip: Consider the Design

You need to consider the design when making the choice. If you plan to have the center of the rug visible, then choose a design with a central motif. If the center will be out of view, then pick one with an attractive border.