Choosing a Wedding Venue for Your Themed Wedding

Once you become engaged and tell all your friends and family members, the next thing is to begin the wedding plans. While you need to make a wide range of decisions during the process, many can be as significant as choosing the venue f the wedding. Choosing the perfect wedding venue for your themed wedding can be a hassle if you don’t know what to do.

To prove this, you will find that a huge percentage of your budget goes towards making sure you have the perfect wedding venue and making it ideal for your needs. Because this venue comes with a huge price, couples need to give some consideration to various factors before they choose the perfect place for them to get married.

The Size

The size of the wedding venue depends upon the number of guests you plan to host on that day. The more the people, the bigger the venue you need to choose. There are different types of venues you can opt for, but the fact remains that if you take a smaller venue than the number of guests, you stand to congest the place. And if you take a huge venue when the guests are few, you end up wasting a lot of space, and money as well.

What you need to do in such a case is to make sure you consider the available venues and find out their capacity. Then choose one that can hold slightly more people than you had planned for because it is usually better to plan for more than less. For inspiration, check those wedding venues at and pick what you need.


Yes, you have the right venue in matters size, but is it available? Since you have planned for an ideal time to get married, you need also to identify the date of the wedding so that you plan towards it. However, you might be planning towards the date only to learn that the venue which you had in mind isn’t available at all.

Since you have a specific date that you plan to wed, you might find it hard to get the right venue and end up with limited options. Studies show that the wedding months that are common for couples to get married are October and September. This means that the wedding venues are in high demand during these times, and couples that want to get married need to book for the venue in advance.

If you are more flexible when it comes to booking your wedding venue, then you have more options and the possibility of getting your dream wedding venue.

Your Budget

So, how much money are you willing to set aside for the wedding? You need to know that the budget determines the size of the wedding venue that you end up with. The bigger the size, the more you end up paying for.

The types of amenities you require at the wedding also dictate the amount that you pay for it. If you plan to have an all-inclusive package, then you need to pay more money.

In line with the budget, you also need to ask about the initial deposit that you need to pay and what percentage of it is refundable in case you decide to cancel. Know whether you need to pay the remaining balance in full or in smaller installments till you are done.

The Rules

After you know how much it costs and whether you can afford it, the next thing is to check out the rules that govern the venue. Some venues don’t allow outside caterers, preferring to use their on-site catering team. Some don’t allow you to go past a specific hour while others discourage kids from accessing the venue.

This means that you need to move around and understand the various rules that govern the function you are planning. If some of the rules seem to make it tough for you to enjoy the day, then look for an alternative venue.

In Closing

When it comes to your wedding venue, you need to make the perfect choice because your decision goes a long way in determining how the wedding goes. Take time to understand the type of wedding you want and choose the perfect venue that will accommodate all your guests.